Well Hi There.

Making promises is a very important thing. When done right they are a beautiful commitment to keeping our word and a significant aid in an effort to build trust and connection. When done poorly they set bad expectations and cause injury and brokenness, diluting trust in others and in our own abilities.

To avoid making a promise can sometimes be as detrimental to a relationship as a broken one.

So here are a few promises that I will make to you that I’m sure I can keep.

I promise to be honest.

There is nothing more disruptive in my own relationships than believing that the person across from me has figured everything out. Don’t worry, you’ll find none of that here.

I promise to be open.

Curiosity might kill cats, but it transforms humans. I know only what I have observed through my middle aged, white, moderately educated eyes. Openness, curiosity, and a willingness to accept my faults and inadequacies are what enable me to widen my perspective to include visions from your perspective. I’m not afraid to be wrong or fuzzy in my understanding. If you want to add to the conversation, please do. The contact page will show you how.

I promise to shed light.

I don’t know about you, but life is exhausting, and difficult and people can be really awful. I don’t believe division is the way forward. It is my intention to create a space that lifts you up out of that awful mess and help you think about something different. Let’s think about something that sheds light on your life. By “sheds light” I mean both brings understanding and creates that warm happy feeling of being in the sun. That is what I need to do more, feel more, and find more of.


So there you have it. Let’s come back to this post again and again to make sure we are on the right path. Let’s think about life and being in ways that we haven’t before. Let’s try on new ideas that change the texture of life and walk us toward freedom and self acceptance.