The Ultimate Toolbox

Today I’m going to spill some knowledge that I paid tens of thousands of dollars to acquire. I’m going to risk being hated by millions of therapists who rely on people coming to them weekly to discover this very information. It’s the cure to everything you suffer from, the ultimate toolbox to repair, improve or recalibrate your inner world. What I’m going to unlock for you are the secrets to happiness, success, health, and connection. It is the hammer to your nail and the wrench to your bolt. It is the number one, most effective, readily available source of strength, might, will and joy.

Maybe you have wandered through your life constantly attacked by fear and self doubt, reaching out for people all around you craving their approval and affirmations to give you a tiny little glimmer of hope that you can be ok. Maybe you have played a safe game doing what everyone around you says you should because breaking out on your own is just a terrifying idea. Maybe you have created defenses and reactions to a world you didn’t feel able to navigate safely otherwise. Maybe you are looking at the day in front of you feeling overwhelmed, ill-equipped, unsafe, unhappy and incapable.

Time for the secret.

The answer is in you. Right now, inside of you, while you’re reading this blog post, exists a packet of supplies. Picture an old green scout pack filled to bursting and buckled shut. In this pack is every ounce of courage, willingness, and intention you need to become exactly the person you envision in the deepest corners of your heart. We are like Ikea “people kits.” Everything you need to construct the person you want to be comes in the box. You only have to have the insight to look and find it.

I can see some of your faces getting red with disdain at my grievous error. You want to argue with me. Your experience, religion, or your mother taught you differently. You are no hero, you are a mess. People are flawed, broken, and helpless. We get constantly taken advantage of and cannot possibly be trusted to navigate this life without significant assistance from a higher more complete and perfect power outside of us.  Well friends, your mom was wrong, you are enough. You have enough strength, courage, curiosity, compassion and inner peace waiting inside for you.

What is this sorcery I speak of? What is this humanistic Godless ideology I’m spewing forth!? Simmer down folks, it’s not like that. We’re just talking about self-esteem. What a tired old term, self esteem. You were hoping for something fancier I know. But consider this old idea of self esteem.  Self-esteem says I am enough to handle what comes to me. Self-esteem says, my opinions are worth hearing, my needs are worth being tended to. Self-esteem means that when you look back on life you see hard times, good times, scary times, exciting times and you realize that you survived them all! Self-esteem believes that you are valuable. It acknowledges that you deserve your turn. It inspires you and it celebrates you when you do a good job. Self-esteem is in the moment when you dig deep and find the stuff you didn’t know you had. When I say, “You were made to do good things, to stretch beyond your perceived limits and reach new heights. You deserve love, family, and kindness. You can be vulnerable and accepted. You are as valuable as everyone else.” It is the part that whispers, “yes.”

Do you know how to access this place in you? Do you experience a strong kickback to this idea and want to fight about it? Do tears fill your eyes wishing that this idea was true but you just can’t see the evidence in your own life?

If your answers lead you to believe you need help with this and you live in or around the Aiken area of South Carolina, feel free to contact Jennifer to schedule an appointment today.