5 Ways To Spring Clean Your Psyche

Spring is in the air!! Time to throw open the windows and let the cool spring breeze blow away the cobwebs of winter! While you’re packing away the winter clothes, sweeping under the couch and mopping the floor with that delicious smelling floor wax, there are a few great ways of cleaning out your psyche!


Organizing your closet!

We all keep secrets. Some of them are silly and some are deeply damaging. Why not honor yourself this year by unpacking the secrets in your heart and giving some of them to Goodwill? Find a trusted friend, or therapist (I know one) and start talking about things that you’ve never talked about before. Chances are in doing so you might demystify those secrets and realize they weren’t so bad, or you’ll finally get the help you need for issues that have been doing more damage than you ever realized.


Shaking out the rugs!

Emotions are real jerks. When they show up in your life they can stick with you until you express them. Many of usĀ are ashamed of certain feelings like jealousy, anger, humiliation, and hurt. When they show up, we toss a throw rug over them and think we are doing ok. We might be able to manage not expressing them, but not without paying a price. People notice the shifting and adjusting we have to do to keep those things hidden. We end up thinking and behaving in ways not congruent with who we are. Pick up the rug, express the feelings with a close friend or therapist and move on!


Washing your windows!

Many of us operate with what some people refer to as rose colored glasses. Our ways of perceiving are tinted or dirty with denial, overt optimism, or acute pessimism. We can look through the same windows for years and never realize how obscured our vision is. Spring is a great time to check in with a friend or therapist to see if you’re really seeing things for what they are!



We can keep things around long after they have ceased to be useful. That ratty old couch you use has seen better days, and you don’t even like looking at the old picture on your wall like you used to. Spring is a great time to investigate your space for things, habits, or sadly sometimes even relationships that are not serving a purpose or have even starting being a detriment to our mental health.



Finally, who could forget that spring is the perfect time to plant seeds! Some things take time to grow; things like increased self esteem, healthy positive habits, new perspectives and new healthy relationships! Invest in yourself now by telling yourself good things, engaging in rituals that manifest peace, and investing in the people in your life who matter most. These types of things have the potential to grow into things that could really help us out when winter returns.


If you need help tackling the spring cleaning of your own heart, and live in or near the CSRA, reach out! Jennifer is ready to help!