You are not a Coffee Pot

It’s a buzz word right now that you can’t pour from an empty pitcher, you must fill yourself up in order to help others. I am guilty of saying it. I have even written blogs about it. It’s a really cute way of talking about self care. In some respects it’s very true. You can’t endlessly serve the needs of other people without taking time to take care of yourself. Feel free to read those blogs again if that’s what you need to hear.

Today, however, I would like to take a moment to remind you that you aren’t a coffee pot. Your value is not equal to how well you can serve others. You are not worth your output. You are worth something if you are full. You are worth something if you are empty. You’re worth something when you have two broken legs and you can’t do anything for yourself. You are worth something if your heart stops beating and your spirit leaves this Earth. You are worth something if you are outperforming and in the zone on your best day. You are worth something if everything is going wrong and you can’t stop eating donuts.

Your spirit, perspective, energy, ideas, input, output, humor, experiences and breath are worth so so much whether you do or give another damn thing. So this holiday season, remember, you matter, no matter what.

Making a Me-Turn

You guys! It’s almost 2019!! Can you EVEN BELIEVE IT!? I don’t know about you but this year was the longest roller coaster I have ever ridden. It’s like, yeah, this is fun, but after a while all this excitement just makes me kind of nauseous and a few times I just wanted a gentler, less spinny section of track.

To be transparent, late December is my FAVORITE. Yes, sure, it’s Christmas, it’s family time, it’s chilly, and yes…it’s my birthday season. But really of all of the reasons that this season can be awesome, my very favorite is the New Year. Oh man it’s so clean and fresh and has no mistakes in it!! And I can dream and imagine and plan my little heart out. It’s so exciting! I recognize that we are all different and you might very well be getting really irritated at my excitement.

Totally doesn’t kill my buzz.

I also like the part where I get to reflect on the last year and look at all the stuff that happened. Where did my plans work out? What goals did I actually reach? And, of course, where did I goof off and not make any progress? In doing so, I stumbled onto this beauty: in 2018, I got to sit with people for 1007 hours of actual hard working therapy.

In that time, I heard a lot of things. So I thought I would share the number one most important thing you can do for yourself in 2019 that can drastically change EVERYTHING. I call it the Me-Turn. It’s just a u-turn, except it’s turning toward yourself. I don’t mean permanently, or even in every single way. I mean regularly doing something that REALLY nurtures you. Engaging in a hobby, going for a peaceful walk in the woods, sitting on a swing and staring! Taking a Me-Turn means you lay down other people’s needs and expectations¬†for just a second¬†and you TAKE CARE OF YOU!!

If you do nothing else this coming year, let yourself rise to the top of the priority list: Make a Me-Turn!!


If you live in or near the CSRA and need someone’s help in making a me-turn, you just click here and Jennifer will help ya.