“I just want this day to be over…”

It’s 3:45 and the clock out whistle couldn’t come soon enough. You are tired, uninspired and longing for a view from anywhere but where you are. Maybe it’s 6:15 and the kids are on full tilt. You promised them that they could stay up until 8 but it slipped your mind that they would be this energetic until the last possible minute.

The future is full of tempting notions. “I can’t wait until it’s Friday and I can just sleep in…” “I can’t wait until school starts back and the kids are gone all day…” “I can’t wait until I get promoted away from all of this ridiculousness of this office…” Somewhere along the line we were taught that the future can cure all that ails us.

Who on Earth came up with that?

Are there good days ahead? Probably so, yes. Really crappy ones too, I’m guessing. Really, in all likelihood, that future you long for is probably going to have it’s own shit-storms. That mess is always in the forecast. The problem in longing for the goodness and relief of the future is that it takes your eyes off of the beauty of now.

The idea here is as basic as the homework on your first day of class. When you feel yourself wishing for a moment in the future, take a deep breath and look around you. I bet, if you look hard enough, you’ll find SOMETHING that this moment holds that is pretty wonderful.

Own the now. Love the now. Live in now.

You can either daydream away every day waiting for the magical tomorrow or discover and acknowledge the magic that already exists all around you right now.